Weekly Poetry – uge 38

22 Sep


We have destroyed everything
every narrative about life comes from the same place
an area surrounded by two rivers
names past on through history.

It is dark
the end of a long route
the direction points towards a hidden wall
a down fall into a swarm of fallen angels.

Can we reset history?
Do we not have the same destiny
if we tell the exact same story all over again
between two rivers not far apart?

A story told
word cannot be unspoken
darkness will prevail
in dried-out rivers
before we return in a thousand years.



Denne uges digt er skrevet henover min oplevelse med at se forestillingen “Skabelse” på Husets Teater lørdag den 17.september.
Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København

Spilleperiode: 17. 9 – 15.10 2016
Man-fre kl. 20.00, lør kl. 17.00




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