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Chesneau Bernard is dead

20 Oct

It is very difficult for me to spell these word. Almost like a contradiction of terms. How can Bernard NOT be here? Today in the afternoon we will say goodbye. Though I will continue to imagine that I will meet him somewhere in the street of Copenhagen with his dog.

Last week I read an article about him with the title “The Cork that refused to sink” (proppen, der nægtede at synke), and this is exactly how it is with Bernard. He will always be somewhere as the very graceful, kind and caring man he has always been. But you have also been an explosion in all directions, energetic and with a wild temper. Rather crazy and insane in the very best meanings of these words.

A brilliant example is this video where he argues that the tapa does not come from Spain but from rural Denmark. And as a chef he prepares an original Danish tapa.


The things we usually say when people die, does not seem to make sense in your case. Rest in Peace? Neither rest nor peace are the first that comes to my mind when I think of you. When I one day learn to accept that you are not here anymore, then I will remember two very different things about you.

Long time ago. In the very beginning when I first met you. One of my friends had a dining club once a week. We were cooking in turns and eating at each others homes. You also participated because you had moved in with Lisbeth in her apartment in Istedgade. At first it was rather scary for me to cook knowing that you would be there to eat the terrible and simple meal I would be able to prepare, but very quickly I learned that there was nothing to be afraid of, because you would just come and sit down and eat. You never even lifted an eye-brow or made any remarks. Your were always very accepting, appreciating and kind. But everybody else looked forward to the weeks where you were cooking.

Another side of you we can experience in a series of weird videos where you play the food critic Popo Golo. In some of them you are reviewing food in Roskilde Festival in 2012. You asked me to help you to film these videos. Here you show yourself as the crazy and weird man with a strong French accent. You taste food in food stall after food stall. Almost all of it you review as good and satisfying. The message seems to be that enjoying food does not take a lot. Just a table cloth, a man and a plate of food. Simple and easy.  No matter how much noise and disturbance is around you.

Thank you for cooking – and being the man you have been.

It has been a pleasure to know you.


Bernard, rock in paradise – RIP!