Storytelling beyond good and evil

Welcome to Narrative. Here you can experience things out of the ordinary. I will advise you to follow my footstep, to go where I go, so that we can get to know each other. If you like what you see or simple cannot get enough of me, then I have several things to offer you.

First of all you can read and follow this blog, where I will tell where I put my footstep. I can promise you that it will not me boring.

If you are interested in physical encounters then I offer a bed for the night in Copenhagen. You can stay a few days or for a longer period. It is a bed in a furnished room. The room is part of the apartment where I live myself. It is the new bed in town. You will be living in the house of an artist. It gives an unique possibility to follow the creation of art in the making. Breakfast, dinner with an artist, guided tours in the city and other special events can be arranged.

room ABOOK A ROOM in hip area of Copenhagen – click image

I will also be available for guided tours outside Copenhagen. My specialities are Urban Europe, City Life, Culture, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico.

When I am abroad or just out of town you can also rent my apartment and live where I live. In a way you can try being me for a while. I will give you a few hint after booking so you don’t feel completely lost. In the apartment you will find a lot of books and some vinyls as well, though they are rather scrathy and old, but by the way the pick up for the record player is missing, so you will never hear the difference.

Stue close-upBOOK FULL APARTMENT in two levels – click image

My concept is that you follow in my footstep. It means that you go where I go. We walk together. I try to make you see and feel what I see. It can be places where I have been many times or somewhere I am for the first time. My experience is that most of us follow the main trail. We read the same guide books. But there is always another option. If you walk down that road a little bit further. It might not seem of much, though there is very often something around the next corner. So keep walking. Don’t choose the easy way out. Don’t take the first right.



2 Responses to “Concept”

  1. Gittan August 11, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    god idé…

  2. inmyfootstep September 30, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    Mange tak 🙂 Spread the word..

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