Love Affairs

19 Sep

Brother, brother
this is not the end
and you will be here
in every step I take
even my black shoes
remind me of you
when I go to Malbeck’s birthday
Hans ask me where you are
and says “I have always seen you as a couple”
a dark shadow of pain
is covering my face
I am turning in grief
a silent sound of mercy
I have lost before
this time I am fainting
losing my grip of reality
the woman I love
is afraid
she is in a state of dispair
because she feels my pain
will reduce my love for her
she is once in a life time
just as my friendship
and his death
will make me love her more
I am a cocktail
she said it herself
“I come as a package”
also I am a combination
a mixture of dead evil
positive energy
love and hate
black as white
it is only this man
she loves
from inside darkness
comes my smile
when I make love to her
I sink into invisible wells
of my heart
with unhealed wounds
doors of sorrow and grief
which will always be wide open
I dare tell her things
that will make her
recent me
and I hope
it will make her
love me more




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