Archive | February, 2018

Letter to a Dead Man

16 Feb

It is not over
when it is over
it is still here
a whisper in the wind
during a stroll along the beach
your voice from behind

I used to believe
there was always
something around the corner
it was only a matter of
walking far enough

I was mistaken
around every corner I find a bar
inside are all the people I lost
along the way
they are waiting
and you are among them
one day I will join you
and we shall be complete

Until further notice
I am still crossing oceans
walking in mountains
getting lost in the desert
drinking I hidden places
searching around endless corners
to find what I am missing

But you are always
in the same place
behind my back
next to me
on my mind
surprising me
thinking a thought
sitting down
being alive
and dead