14 Apr

I might not feel at home where I was born, but here on the outskirts of the continent I appreciate a waitress that does not take away my plate when I am still eating. It is my birthday – the 5th of April.

Can you imagine a bigger pleasure than being treated as you would like to be treated while your turning 53?

I am always looking for something, but very often I find something else. How can I expect to find the same restaurant after 27 years? I am like an aboriginal. My past and my heritage has been disrupted, distroyed and mutulated. I cannot sing the same song and find my way around. I thought I could cross the railway tracks, but they build a new railway station.

This time I found a small restaurant called Dinar in Konstantinoupoleos number 178A run by Nadia, where I got a nice bottle of rosé and freshly fried sardines.




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