Weekly Poetry – uge 52

31 Dec


I am on my may again
boarding a transportation device
in late afternoon of New Year Eve
I have been here before
the train from Dar Es Salaam in 2010
I had to stop halfway due to practicalities
this time I intend to go all the way
since it would be very complicated not to.

This is also the end of 52 in 2016
a long journey of writing what ‘s on my mind
one month like the other
does it make a difference?
can I still after traveling the world grasp changing seasons?
is writing an accurate reflection of life?
I will tell you later.

Soon in an airplane over the Mediterranian Sea
the water connecting continents falling apart
maybe not even continents
they have no common identity
but simply pieces of land
it is only the water in the sea
claiming to be an entity of substance.



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