Weekly Poetry – uge 13

1 Apr


An artist is an elusive creature
you will never know exactly where to look
but a piece of art is always here.

You might think that the artwork is original
but try to take a closer look
if you look very carefully
and go through endless layers of paint
it will be like a mirror.

In the artistic version of bathroom encounters
under the last traces of paint brush
behind curtains
a darkness reveals
the inner truth of an artist.

Painting by Adholla Rogers

Painting by Adholla Rogers

You will see into two open eyes
and they will be no different from your own eyes
in the mirror
of an unknown hotel room
and you remember
how an artist took your identity
and transformed it into art.

The artist is a criminal
a simple thief
who stole your inner secrets
when you meet him again
you will have no other choice
than buy what was once stolen from you




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