Weekly Poetry – uge 2

17 Jan


Sunday is a good day
to say goodbye

You have convinced me that everything is possible

There was always a rare intimacy
in the way we talked

You taught me
to do the only thing
I can do
the right thing

We have not always been very close
but my path has crossed yours several times

You are my ‘black star’
always present
but never seen
only in the light of darkness
here will the eyes of the blind
begin to shine

Everyone else will walk blindfolded
turning away from reality
with a waving tail

A tale you left behind


Homage to the integrity of a man whose life ended this past week, but his music will not vanish as ashes to ashes. It will continue to change hands and flow through ears. He gave us his last breath. You will find it at night on a dark sky in between millions of shining stars where there is nothing to be seen, and here you will begin again.


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