Mexican music

2 Apr

A Mexican trio called Playa Magenta is on tour in Europe. This is a band you do not want to miss! They are definitely something out of the ordinary. Very mexican sound from the coast of Vera Cruz, but they also have a very international appeal. No wonder that they met in New York City. One of the songs is even born in the subway of NYC. But the rest of their music refer directly to Mexican musical traditions and Mexican heritage.

I met them in Dome of Visions in Copenhagen on Tuesday evening. My first thought when I saw a harpe on the stage was that this will be good. I had not seen a woman with a harpe since Joanna Newsom. Not only did I a see a harpe, but also a violin and marimba. I was exited.

The concert was a real joy. Three musicians with big enthusiasm for presenting their music. And a very attentive audience on a cold evening. The mayority of the audience was from the internatinal crowd of foreigners that nowadays choose to live in Copenhagen for some strange reason that beats me comprehension.

playa magenta beer

Playa Magenta has a rough expression. Nothing have been done to polish the sound, which I do appreciate very much. The collection of songs that they play are raging from cumbia over electronica to jazz, but they all have a distinctive combination of an international sound that could come from any huge urban place in the world and simultanously a clear splash of Mexican tradition.



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