My hair

20 May

I have decided that it is very selfish to keep my hair for myself and just let it grow. Instead it should be spread around the world like sparkling poetry and become everybodies property.

After profound consideration I have cut it off. Not an easy operation. Another reason for cutting it off was to get rid off the identity that seem to be glued to my long hair.

mortenefter1pril13 001mortenefter1pril13 005mortenefter1pril13 011

mortenefter1pril13 014mortenefter1pril13 017mortenefter1pril13 027

To ritualize my decision I have chosen to document the cutting of my hair. As you can see it was not very easy. I thought it would have taken 3-4 strokes with my shaver – but no. Several years of hard work cannot be erased in a few seconds.


I don’t know what you think? – but I feel quite comfortable.


Yes, I know – I will have to get rid of the glasses also. The hair itself is safe hidden. As I have already mentioned. The whole purpose is to detach myself from the property right to my hair. It gives me two possibilities.

1 – I can prolong the concept of property right by selling my hair. I will do that. Please place your bid before the end of this month.

mortenefter1pril13 035

2 – I would prefere to give my hair away. It would compare with my profound concept of perperty right -> sharing, hair share. But I can try to do that with a string attached. I will give it away, if you are an artist and promise to use my hair in your next artwork. If interested please submit proposals before the end of May 2013.



One Response to “My hair”

  1. Pia Valentin May 21, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    You are brave! I’ve often had the same idea, but never had the courage after all. And it looks good! 🙂

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